We started as a hobby got a little serious when we hired our first employee. It then slowly turned into an ambition when Productivity & Innovation Credit (PIC) was introduced and we started purchasing state of the art equipments. Looking back, I still get the jitters when the equipments first came and we had to get a crane to lift it up four floors.

This is how PIC helped. Credit be given where credit is due, no pun intended.

Reducing barriers of entry to adopt new technologies

New technologies are expensive and intimidating. You never know what to expect and often are unable to test these technologies until you bring one in for trial. PIC reduces the risks involved to experiment and test new automated processes.

Upgrading IT infrastructure

Before PIC was introduced, we were outsourcing certain core processes and using dated equipments though perfectly functional. In the age where things are measured in milliseconds, a lag of one or two seconds at every action adds up at the end of the day. The productivity gains from the upgraded IT infrastructure made everyone in office more productive and less frustrated. Building a better and more efficient working environment.


Custom commerce involves manufacturing. It isn't a sexy industry till Elon Musk started SpaceX and Tesla. We're able to stay lean because of the way work integrates into our systems. From production to order handling, we've been trying to automate our processes as much as possible and it has reaped tremendous rewards.

Pioneering new methods and thinking out of the box

With an increased focus on productivity, it keeps everyone at office thinking how to one up ourselves every day. It's a mindset of, can I do the same amount of work with less time. We used to take 3-4 weeks to ship a product, today we take days!

Summing up

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